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Find a Stud Cat, Female Cat or a Kitten to Adopt


Pick your best matches from 100’s of Shorthairs, Persians, Siameses, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds, Bengals, Himalayan, and 50+ other breeds of cats


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Finding a proper stud cat or female cat is the most difficult phase when you like to have the offspring of your beloved pet. In cruzapet, you can freely browse through thousands of registered cats from 50+ breeds, filter them and find the best matches.


Playing with other cats provides each other with exercise, social interaction, and other forms of mental stimulation. You can find a close-by friend for your furry companion from cruzapet.


If you can’t afford to keep your cat, please don’t leave them on the streets or overly populated shelter homes. Just register them to cruzapet, and find them a safe house. Those who are interested in adopting them can find them.

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Register your pet with basic details such as name, breed, gender, age and pictures



Search from thousands of registered pets and filter out your best matches



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Congratulations on your work and your entire team, the site was very good! This was one of the best ideas anyone could have because when I needed to find a suitor for my lhasa I had a lot of difficulties. I believe that this will help a lot to all those who seek the perfect match for their little friends.

Many people sometimes do not know where to look for a boyfriend for their pet and with your help, everything will be easier.

I loved it, everything was fine, I loved your initiative because as I am a novice breeder I have to spend days up to months looking for females, now with your website I think my job just got easier.