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Success Stories

More than 50% of people who use the cruzapet find at least one match, already in the first search for the site.

dog breeding success story - kira - cruzapet

Desireé & Fred

Fred found a beautiful girlfriend named Desireé. The two were enchanted as soon as they saw each other and crossed paths. Very grateful for the affection.

dog breeding success story - kira - cruzapet


Hello Cruzapet. I want to thank you for your work on behalf of the furry ones. My shihtzu got a beautiful boyfriend. I hope to soon fill this house with more joy … My shihtzu is beautiful, sweet, healthy, vaccinated and very cute ..

dog breeding success story - kira - cruzapet


I am a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy named Kiara, I had already looked for boyfriends in other places but I was never pleased by any. Until one day … searching the internet, I found the pet cross, where I met Max, my great love, we were talking through messages, until one day we met in person and it was love at first sight.

Owner Reviews

Thank you very much for your attention, I have already entered and viewed some suitors, I found your site super cute, I am very optimistic.

Viviane Martins Caxias

Rio de Janeiro / RJ

I would like to congratulate you on the initiative. I also missed a website for that purpose.
Rogério Setembre

São Paulo / SP

Congratulations on your work and your entire team, the site was very good! This was one of the best ideas anyone could have because when I needed to find a suitor for my lhasa I had a lot of difficulties. I believe that this will help a lot to all those who seek the perfect match for their little friends.
Daniel Boreiko Allebrandt

Colônia Vitória / PR

The cruzapet seemed to me a good and quick way to find a pair for our pets.
Verusk Borali

São Paulo / SP

Congratulations on the job, I’m a marketing professional, and so far your customer service has been excellent!
Natalia Crott

São Paulo / SP

The site looks great
Alex Roberto Veríssimo

Iperó / SP

I found the return of your support very fast, I had never seen it on another site.
Rayssa Leite

Recife / PE

I loved it, everything was fine, I loved your initiative, because as I am a novice breeder I have to spend days up to months looking for females [..], now with your website I think my job just got easier ….
Thalles Henrique

Belo Horizonte / MG

It really got better than I expected. One of the things I liked most is that it has a search filter, making it easier to search.
Viviane Pinheiro

São Paulo / SP

Very interesting, too, because it gives a feeling of security, and at the same time, a certain speed to find what really matters.
José R. de Carvalho Jr.

São Paulo / SP

I think the idea is very good. I hope it works out and I have already registered pictures of my male.
Bruno Siqueira

São Paulo / SP

I loved the site, the idea is very good and it is very well organized and simple to find what you are looking for!
Bianca Lopes

São Paulo / SP

I want to congratulate you on the idea, attitude, and realization of the site.
Gislaine Freitas

São Paulo / SP

many people sometimes do not know where to look for a boyfriend for their pet and with your help, everything will be easier.
Adlin Treasury Kennel

São Paulo / SP

I liked it a lot I think it is one of the best I have ever found, I did not see any problem I registered my pet yes I will stay in wait now! mt Thank you bejs
Ingrid Fernandes

Rio de Janeiro / RJ

Congratulations on the Cruzapet team and all the cute pets that are part of this wonderful network. A hug to all and great successes!
Denisie Barreth

São Paulo / SP

The experience with Cruzapet is being very good, I have already recommended it to several people who show up with dogs here in my company.
Amanda Peixoto

São Paulo / SP

I loved this site, while I was looking for a trustworthy site so I could get a fiance for my Babi. Thank you Gustavo. hug, Ivone.
Ivone da Cunha

São Paulo / SP

Congratulations for the initiative. The site is a real necessity, I am looking for a female to breed with my dog ​​for a long time.
Everton Bandeira

Santo André / SP

I would like to thank you for your attention and great service, I wish all places and sites had the same thought as yours. I am Public Relations and I know that good service and this monitoring that you do is very important and becomes a differential.
Klicia Medeiros

Lagoa Santa / MG

I loved the site! The search engine for filters is very good, the market really lacked this. It’s already super recommended!
Bárbara Weyll

São Paulo / SP

I was happy with your feedback, I entered the site and I liked it is practical to use and well explained.
Ana Paula Silva dos Santos

São Paulo / SP

Congratulations for the initiative. I am a systems analyst and I liked the usability of the site.
Deividi Paganini

Matão / SP

Your work is very cool, keep it up.
Aline Regina Arantes

São Paulo / SP

These owner reviews are from our Brazilian version of Cruzapet